In a context of high demand, SERIDERM has been able to evolve by distinguishing itself with its range of leading products on the world market and a team fully oriented to the medical-aesthetic field.


Seriderm Group

Lutronic powered by Seriderm is the combination of Lutronic technology, the most innovative company on the aesthetic market, and Seriderm’s human values place the customer at the heart of all its endeavours.

At Lutronic powered by Seriderm, our expertise does not stop at the quality of our protocols or the excellence of our services.

We cultivate the know-how to position you at the forefront of your market. 

Our company is rich in the expertise of its collaborators, which places us on a market with our constant innovation and permanent evolution

Human values are at the heart of our DNA. We carefully cultivate them in all aspects of our services to always remain attentive to your needs.

If the premium level of our services is the foundation of our reputation, understanding and accompanying your real needs are the added values that make us the reference in the aesthetic field today.

« Partner in your success »


12 years at your side

Launched more than 12 years ago in Paris by its founder Djamel Kemiche, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, SERIDERM has focused on the distribution of premium medical and aesthetic equipment by joining forces with the biggest names in the sector. The Lutronic subsidiary was born on January 1, 2019. The beautiful story of Lutronic Powered by Seriderm begins in September 2019, with the birth of the team we know today. The SERIDERM teams are present both in the field, to support doctors in the development of their business daily, and at a central level to increase every day the company’s capacity to offer the best on the market.

With her extensive experience in marketing, communication, and management, Rachida, our Director of Operations, ensures the smooth running of the Lutronic Powered by Seriderm subsidiaries’ operations, as well as the development of our optimal business strategy.


Our partners

We partner with the world’s leading providers to ensure the highest possible quality and patient safety. Aesthetic medicine is today the preferred solution for millions of people who want to be treated effectively without having to undergo heavy and invasive procedures. This market, which is now inevitable, is constantly growing and offers a multitude of equipment of all kinds.

Seriderm invests daily to always offer the most technologically advanced equipment, both safe and comfortable for the patient. Thanks to its collaboration with the world leaders in the medical-aesthetic market, Seriderm is your partner of choice for the long term.

Our partners

key values


To offer you the best in aesthetic technology


Dedicate ourselves to the development of your services


Work with transparency and authenticity, day after day


Staying at the forefront of a constantly growing market


Our teams

SERIDERM invests daily, to always offer the most technologically advanced, safe, and comfortable equipment for the patient. Thanks to its collaboration with the world leaders in the medical-aesthetic market, SERIDERM is your partner of choice for the long term.

SERIDERM continues its expansion with the opening of Lutronic PBS UK Ireland in 2021, followed by the Iberia Group, covering Spain and Portugal later in the year.

Our teams

Our sales team is at your disposal to meet your expectations. Richard and Paul will happily meet you and offer you the best of our devices, suited to your needs.

Our marketing and communication department is the guarantor of our brand image, which is why we choose strategic partners for the long term. Kenza is at your disposal to support you and trace the right patient approach.

Lutronic Powered by Seriderm UK & Ireland’s after sales service team is available 5 days per week and can travel within 24 hours to solve all problems. Joao is at your disposal to assist you remotely and on-site.
 Jacinta, our customer manager will assist you with all your consumables requirements. Our delivery driver carries out the delivery and installation of your equipment in the shortest time and under the best conditions.

Our clinical trainers will always prepare a training session on how to use the equipment. On-site and remotely, Camille, our clinical director, together with Justina, ensure that you receive perfect training on your equipment and treatment protocols.