We help you to set up and develop your business



Support is the keystone of our values.

Lutronic PBS UK & Ireland, our commitment is twofold: to offer you the best in aesthetic technology and to allow you to develop your business to the maximum thanks to our 360° oriented team of employees who are experts in their field.

We help you in the implementation and development of your business from the creation of your treatment’s menu card to the decoration of your office, so that you can focus on your core business with complete peace of mind.


Treatment menu card

Because each patient has specific needs, the challenge for any practitioner is to stay on top of the demands of their market.

Thanks to our technological and human expertise, we can help you set up an attractive and customized menu to develop your business. Expanding your clientele, building patient loyalty, improving your performance, developing your profitability… it all starts with the choice of your services. Our mission is to offer you the protocols that best correspond to your activity to answer the needs of your sector in real-time.



Lutronic PBS UK & Ireland, we believe that your expertise deserves to be recognized. This recognition is even fundamental if you want to attract new patients and retain your clientele.

Because communication is a profession that cannot be improvised, we take care of the implementation of your commercial strategy so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Inaugurations, discovery days, contact us to know the extent of our services.



As independent practitioners, we at Seriderm know that your needs are multiple. That’s why we offer you complete financial and legal support thanks to our team of experts.

Trust is the key to success. Lawyers, consultants, chartered accountants, we have gathered the best professionals in their fields to stand by your side, advise you and help you make the best choices for the development of your business.


Your office

Beauty is at the heart of our work and your practice reflects the quality of your services. To offer your clients a complete aesthetic experience, we help you welcome them in the most beautiful setting possible.

Reception, layout, dressing, furnishing… our teams of architects and decorators take charge of creating a custom-made office that is as good as the care you provide.